Street Kitchen und Street Food

Street Kitchen

Street Kitchen

We have no special plan for our second evening in Bangkok and just move around the block. The „street kitchen” is everywhere on the streets, and delicious looking and exotic smelling dishes are prepared.
We want to „try” almost everywhere, but we want to give our digestion a chance to stay away from the street-kitchen for the first few days. A resolution that unfortunately does not last long. It looks too tasty and attracts the unknown.

But caution is called for:
The evening before we saw meat and chicken offal being transported in large quantities, uncooled in transparent plastic bags, on the loading area of an old pick-up at 26 degrees Celsius across the streets. It is chopped up in dark alleys and prepared accordingly before being picked up by the street kitchen cooks.
Here it is waiting to be cooked on small charcoal grills or in large woks.

A cold chain like we Northern Europeans are used to is not recognizable to me.
Despite the lack of food hygiene according to European standards, it does not seem to lead to any problems.

The first day we reasonably eat in a restaurant. What we got to eat there was ok, but to my taste too boring. It was neither specially prepared, nor did it smell exotic in any way. And the prices were about four times as expensive as street food.

For dessert we search for Sveeja’s newest favourite dish: Bananen Rooti. And ended up in the famous and notorious Khao San Road by pure chance.