I don’t eat frogs in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

6 months through Southeast Asia with a 5 year old

Together with our 5 year old daughter we watched movies about the nature, country and people of Southeast Asia. We wanted to give her a taste of the countries of our great journey: grandiose landscapes, huge temples, elephants, markets, endless beaches with palm trees and sunshine.

Her comment.”I don’t eat frogs in Southeast Asia”!

Most of the reports had one thing in common: reports about markets where, besides culinary delicacies, some curiosities such as frogs were offered for consumption.

Six months we travel through Souteast Asia. We want to get to know other countries and other customs. Communicate knowledge and social skills in a relaxed manner to our daughter. How do we behave in a foreign country towards the people we meet. Perhaps this will make it even easier for us to better understand foreign people in our country.

At the same time, as a business consultant for digitalisation, I would like to know whether it is really that easy to work from anywhere in the world. I will not have any orders from customers during this time, but I have to manage my company on the road.

What to expect on our blog. We write how we prepared for the trip through Southeast Asia. Of course, we will also talk about our little and big experiences during the trip. And we want to know more about the opportunity to work on the road.

How we had prepared for the trip.