January and February, the tourist months

Floating Market, our first disappointment

Like all visitors of Bangkok, we want to visit the floating markets. Most markets are only open on weekends. Therefore, only the most famous one is suitable for us. The name of this market is “damnoen saduak floating market” and unfortunately, we don’t read carefully enough the published blog posts. So, we book a tour for 450 TB per person via the hotel. For the first time, our five-year-old must pay the full price. We get up very early in the morning. Our bus picks us up at 7.00 am. The hotel gave us a breakfast. The markets are all outside Bangkok. We drive in one of the typical minibuses with a very tired child 100 km.

Fortunately, we are one of the first tourist groups at Damnoen. Our guide will give us two hours. In order to get into a boat, which chugs along the water, we are asked to pay for it again. For each 100 TB, also for Sveeja we can pay. We are disappointed. There are no more local people trading among themselves, but it’s all just a show for tourists. After 10 min drive up and down once, passing boats with always the same junk. The spring rolls I try are delicious.

Around 10.00 o’ clock there were so many boats on the water with tourists that one could have walked dry foot to the other bank over the water. “Hello, you want fresh coconut, you want spice, elephant” or just “You want! “, „hello, hello, hello fresh coconut!” “You want elephant, Sir hello you want!” “Spice here, hello!”
We’re upset, and we don’t know what to do the whole two hours. We’re drinking overpriced Thai coffee.

Floating Market
Floating Market

With every step ashore, we are told: “Phat Thaaaaai, hello you want Phat Thai, hello! Phat Thai is a traditional rice noodle dish with fried egg, meat, spices and spices. It can be very tasty if it is produced in a traditional way, i. e. on the street. But the much too expensive tourist variant is not tasty and in the morning at 11.00 a. m. especially not at all.

We even had to pay for the toilet. It’s getting hotter, more tourists are coming, and it stinks of gasoline everywhere. Fortunately, our time on the floating market is finally over and we drive with a longtail boat through some watering channels to the pick-up point. The boat trip was quite nice and we were well tuned again. The skipper made his jokes and turned up the engine. It went past local huts and you occasionally had the feeling of experiencing a piece of authentic Thailand, or what you might imagine underneath.

We will be driven back to Bangkok and dropped off at Khao San Road. Of course, it looks quite different during the day than in the evening, as the street is much bubbling.