Interim Management

Strong support. To the point: Interim Management!

If an immediate solution for short-term challenges is necessary, we are there for you – with powerful Interim Management, which combines financial expertise, empathy and flexibility.

What exactly is Interim Management capable to accomplish? It fills gaps. And even during unexpected absences in the management level or when a higher need of man-power emerges within the scope of a project, it ensures a smooth transition and the continuation of processes.

For companies this means unimagined advantages: Thanks to our more than 6 years’ experience in the Interim Management, especially within the finance department, you benefit from a sound expertise, which sets new impulses and stimulates with new energy. Together with your finance team, we always work solution-oriented. And we won’t stop until we have found a long-term solution for your company. As an external enterprise, we are in the position to objectively review internal structures within a minimum of time. We recognize potential for conflicts and lead emphatically, especially in times of high requirements:

• During periods of restriction
• sabbatical
• short-term absence in the management level
• M&A operations
• ERP migrations
• as well for medium-sized companies and as well as international operating corporations
• support in Change Management

Gladly, we also will help you as business consultants in processes of team building and optimization within the finance department. With our temporary commitment, we offer a productive interface. From the short-term solution to the pioneering cause for thought.