An e-invoice is an invoice that is created, transmitted and received in a structured data format that enables automatic and electronic processing. The advantages of e-invoice exchange are the reduction of manual workloads and the avoidance of media disruptions.

To introduce e-invoicing in accounting, it is often necessary to adapt the corporate structure and some technical components. The technical components include an e-invoice receipt system, a digital invoice workflow and an audit-proof electronic archive.

It is now the perfect time to convert your internal processes to e-invoices:
We recommend the following:

  1. Setting up a separate e-mail address for processing both incoming and outgoing e-invoice transactions.
  2. Installation of a document management system for the proper archiving of all incoming and outgoing e-invoices.
  3. Recording the entire process for e-invoices in a procedural documentation.

If you have any questions about e-invoices, we will be happy to advise you. Please contact us!