To Bangkok with kid, please!

Our journey starts

Eventually, a point was reached where we said to us: “What we have – we have and what we don’t – that doesn’t.” This point was felt 2 minutes before departure to the airport.

The refrigerator was still to be emptied and cleaned. The heating had to be switched to holiday mode. For the neighbours we could only make a few notes in writing. The final touches in the house, so that we can feel comfortable when we arrive again, we have not been able to make it.

We were taken to the airport and a good friend had also come to wave.

Our daughter’s been through everything wonderfully so far. The last few hours before our departure, she avoided us as much as possible. Very wise! She insisted on carrying her daypack into the car herself and was the first one to sit in the car with her seatbelt fastened and ready, looking forward to what was to come.

Arriving at the airport, she was always ahead and always wanted to be the first one when it came to show her passport or going through the body scanner.

While in Hamburg the hand luggage had to be emptied almost completely, (my hand luggage was spread out over four shells.) I was allowed to keep my belt on, but shortly afterwards I had two foreign hands in my crotch, which scanned me for potential weapons. Five security staff members discussed about a transparent and X-rayed bag of from my hand luggage. On request, I was told that the combination of flashlight and padlock was highly unusual.

We flew with Emirates. In Dubai I was allowed to gather more and the scanner didn’t sound the alarm. So either they have better scanners in Dubai or the new A380 that brought us from Dubai to Bangkok is simply more bomb-proof than the Boeing 777, both of which were big and very comfortable airplanes. On both machines we had friendly staff, courteous service, good food, a lot of TV and a sky full of stars.