Durian, the stink fruit


This fruit is a delicacy for most people in Thailand. The white and yellow greasy flesh is eaten. Durian is coconut to head size. The fruit skin becomes greenish-yellow or grey-green and has hard, woody spines about one centimetre long everywhere. The hook, the fruit has a distinctive smell, it smells extremely like old socks, therefore also stinky fruit.

So much so that there are even laws prohibiting them from being carried or eaten in public buildings or on public transport. Taxi drivers also refuse to take Durian in a closed taxi.

Durian on the Boat
Durian on the Boat

Durian is not only eaten, it is also used to make everything possible. There is jam, ice cream on a stick, durian is processed in curry and also as juice. Probably, like so many things, you have to try it several times to get a taste for it. Durian is divorced.

On Khao San Road I take my chance and try Durian. Now what can I say? If there are laws here, I shouldn’t take the train after a long hike either. Ok really tasty did not smell the whole thing, and I was always outdoors. Perhaps the fruits I smelled were not quite ripe either, but I personally think such a fuss was somewhat exaggerated. The taste hasn’t knocked me out either.