About us

About us: Analytical financial expertise meets groundbreaking entrepreneurial spirit!

Of great importance to us are an enhanced appreciation and a mindful communication. This applies to the corporation with our customers, service providers as well as with the employees of our customers. We stand for openness, strength of implementation and practical solutions.

With around 15 years of experience in the economy and national as well as international references, we not only were able to gain outstanding know-how, but moreover we had the ability to observe where the obstacles appear:

What qualifications are needed to successful lead a company? How much potential offers an appreciated company culture? How can you establish a functioning accounting? And how can optimization of processes be evaluated?

Thanks to profound economic knowledge, experience in leadership and a distinct understanding of numbers and analytics, we are capable of answering all those questions to new as well as already long existing companies – with advices and directed decision recommendations.

Since 2009, we are proving this successfully as self-employed Interim Manager – especially in the finance and accounting department as well as in the business management.

Confide in us to professionally support you in your company success. Not matter if you are in the foundation phase, if you are in staff reorganization or concrete objective targeting. We look forward to meet you!